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We Are So Happy With Our Pup!

We are so happy with Koda (Jax)!! We love this boy to all ends. He is an incredible addition to the family. His demeanor is absolutely incredible. He is so beautiful and stunning that he gets so many looks and is asked about constantly. He literally is a lap dog, a rather huge lap dog but totally loves to be with his family. He is very vocal and is the quite the guard dog (vocally) when he sees something/someone that he is not sure of. Koda loves his home and especially loves the pool. He literally will jump in daily for a cool down and a drink (It’s salt water)… even at a freezing level! Go figure! We have two other dogs, an English Crème Golden Retriever and a Pomeranian. He is besties with the golden and loves the 15-year-old Pom but she is not all about him due to his size. Hannah cannot be any happier with her pup and feels this was the greatest present she could have ever chosen for her graduation.

We absolutely will be in touch for a brother/sister in the future!

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